Pete Ross

Born: Glasgow, Scotland 1961.

1979 - 1982: Bachelors Degree in Art - Graphic Design. Western Australian Institute of Technology (Curtin University).

1983  - 2016: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Copy Writer, Producer, Director, Animator, 3D Modeller, Photographer, Typographer, Illustrator, Web Designer, Brand Director...Agency Director.

2016 - Present: In 2016  Pete stepped back from full time commercial work to pursue personal creative projects and was rewarded when his third painting, 'Yvonne and a Cup of Tea' was nominated as a finalist, Black Swan Portrait Prize 2016, hosted at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.  His  fourth work 'Maria from Next Door' was nominated as a Semi-Finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2016. 

He continues to explore the medium.










• Doug Moran National Portrait Prize   

(Semi Finals). Paddington House,             

 Sydney, Australia.

• Black Swan Portrait Prize.

Art Gallery of Western Australia.

• 89 Days. The Fenians Exhibition

 Kidogo Art Gallery, Fremantle,                          Western Australia.

•  'Skin Deep'

West Australian Portrait Artists                          Exhibition. Moores Building, 

Fremantle, Western Australia.

•  WAPA Exhibition 2020

West Australian Portrait Artists                          Exhibition. PS Art Space, 

Fremantle, Western Australia.

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